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Action and Counter-Action Revisited

Action and Counter-Action Revisited

By Dennis Loo (7/6/18)

The separation of children from their parents and the sheer stupidity of Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy (which is not a stand-alone error of his but a commission that he frequently makes, as he does not understand that there are consequences to everything you do) makes this reprint all the more relevant now, first published October 9, 2017:

Action and Counter-Action

Action and Counter-Action

By Dennis Loo (10/9/17)

New material added about 10 am 10/10/17 PT

Trump believes that simply saying certain things and doing certain things will result in what he wants being done – but it’s not so simple. This is irrespective of any mental imbalance he might, and probably does, have.

I am going to talk about this as if he is completely in charge of his senses. I know that there are lots of reasons to think he is suffering from early dementia and various personality disorders, but what is more to the point, Trump is not alone in confounding saying and doing, and over-simplifying the reaction to that. And I am not just talking about his followers.

He believes, for example, that by declaring that “disrespect” for the flag, opposition to white supremacy, and hostility towards (or just suspicion of) law enforcement can be ended by fiat: such as during a pep rally when he speaks to loyalists, when he tweets it out, or when he signs an Executive Order.

He declares it so, so it is. Trump said that as soon as he became President, "safety will be restored."

The simplest answer to that question, of course, is: has it? Are we safer? Is it better? Are "we" winning? 

The answer to that is obviously no; we are more divided ever.

Everybody sees that, no matter what side you are on. 

In declaring where he stands, and being totally unashamed of it, he embodies the sentiments emotionally of those who feel that “things have gone too far,” that blacks are “uppity,” that women no longer know their place, that immigrants are too many and overrunning true Americans, that being “politically correct” has exceeded all reason, that the America they knew – white and Christian and you could get a decent job with a high school education – is being changed.

Since Trump does not have to do more than be who he is for his fans, then no matter what he does, he is theirs. He is now and forever to be, one of them. That is why his approval rating, even though he is more unpopular than any modern president at this stage, has a rock bottom that it will not go below. He will likely lose a few more percentages before this is over, but his most hardcore supporters will never leave him.

For those who like this man and who they identify so powerfully with: he is one of them. This is why it is almost hopeless to talk to his hardcore supporters because they do not judge him the way others do – that he should be at least competent. They don’t evaluate him by that criteria. His inabilities are legion, but even if they were paying attention to his manifest unfitness, which he shows multiple times per day, which they largely dismiss away or pay no attention to, still what loyalists value is that he speaks for them and is like them in so many ways. Getting rid of Trump is like saying to his hardcore followers who will go down with the ship: you are not right, you are not valid, you are not acceptable, you are not competent at this.

Still, let me be clear, he will go, probably through resignation, probably by the Russian thing resulting in Mueller indictments, probably in the next few months, with a presidential pardon not saving them from state charges, probably with him citing his resignation as a means to shield his family from harm, all the while citing it as more evidence that he has been conspired against, the victim always of the “greatest political witch hunt in history.”


I want to turn away from Trump hardcore fans now to others who should know better. As I said before, it has become popular to conflate saying and intending with actually doing. These are, however, different things, and should not be confused. They can be related to each other, but they are not equivalent. In the age of the Internet, talk has become very cheap. Perhaps that is part of it. Perhaps some of what the ruling class has been doing in undermining reality through their rhetoric has infected even revolutionary ranks too.

The heart of dialectics teaches us that anything at all that exists, only can be known or be in existence in the first place because it exists in relation to other things that are different in some way from it. If it didn't, then it would not exist. Pure good, which God is supposed to be, cannot exist and will not exist ever without its opposite, pure evil, or Satan, if you care to call him/it that. All those who pursue a pure state that way are doomed to fail, such as a heavenly state that exists without evil. This is not to say that you cannot change things, for better or worse, because you can, but the idea of an absolute state of being, is impossible and will always be so. Try to imagine "left" without "right" or "sound" without "silence." You cannot because they only have meaning because of their opposite. Dialectics is not just useful to know; dialectics actually explain - and are - reality. Without dialectics, nothing could exist. You can grasp dialectics, or you can reject it, but doing the latter produces a lot of frustration and counter-productive results. 

The main focus of this article is about, though, how there is always a reaction to actions undertaken, which is a dynamic that Trump ignores at his ongoing peril, so he is constantly being entangled in the reaction that inevitably ensues. He thinks he can just do and say what he wants. He was taught by his Dad that issuing commands equal strength, but he always ends up doing damage to himself by antagonizing people as a result. This trait might well be his most salient, more than the fact of his fragile ego and more than his anger. The simplemindedness of it all boggles the imagination! Let’s take the Wall, for example, that he claims he still wants to build – by just printing money, one of his fans claims, since the idea now that Mexico will pay for it themselves is no longer believable to those who have a brain. Or Trump’s attitude towards women: mirrors to his vanity who he can do what he wants with, just “grab ‘em,” he says. Or his attitude towards minorities, that they are servants and “good people” too were marching with torches in Charlottesville and giving the Nazi salute.

Sure. Sure, they were there. Decent folks among the neo-Nazis. Sure Mr. President. Keep it up. It will be eventually your undoing. 





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