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Bad Offensive Game Plan Spelled Carolina's Defeat

Bad Offensive Game Plan Spelled Carolina Defeat

By Dennis Loo (2/8/16)

When your greatest runner happens to also be your quarterback, and when you're dealing with the NFL's best defense, if you are the Carolina Panthers and you're in Super Bowl 50, do you design and stay with an offensive plan that:

a) sends a sole running back - Jonathan Stewart - repeatedly into the line, with minimal fakery, and into maximum traffic, gaining none or minimal yards all but once in something like 12-15 attempts (maybe more);

b) hardly uses any option plays that maximize your quarterback's versatility;

c) tries not to confound your adversaries' defense with variety;

d) all of the above

The answer is D, if you want to give Peyton Manning his 200th career win and frustrate your own team that has won all but one of its games this season going into the Super Bowl and were 17-1 counting the end of last season.

This has to be as an overall offensive game plan, the most offensive game plan I have ever seen, equal in bone-headedness only to the worse single play-call in last year's Super Bowl by the Seattle Seahawks' offensive co-ordinator at the end. Yet none of the so-called football analysts said anything about the Panther's repeated reliance on said dismal game plan. 

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