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If Trump is a Russian Stooge...

If Trump is a Russian Stooge...

By Dennis Loo (7/22/18)

This is Part 1 of a Series

It is sometimes very helpful to reverse-engineer something, so you take a certain outcome and look at the steps that would have to have been taken to end up with that result. We will look at Trump's behavior towards Putin in this regard. This article is going to be in parts. 

The furor over Trump's Helsinki press conference so far continues, in which the US commander-in-chief openly sided with Putin and against his own intelligence agencies. This would be unthinkable for a thinking stooge because he would not be believable to his own side for doing that. However, we know that Trump is mentally challenged (shall we charitably say?) and he is certainly of capable of doing and saying stupid things. We have seen him do this many, many times. He is not a reader and non-readers consequently make a lot of spelling errors, the latest spelling error being the "No Colusion" (sic) Error by Trump.

Now you would argue that a real stooge would know better than Trump and not be so obviously reading from the same scriot as Putin, but Trump is known to be vey stupid, so he is capable of not doing a good job of being subtle.

There are number of factors in play here and certain inescapable deductions must be drawn.

First, it should be pointed out that the Steele dossier wasn't supposed to be in every detail correct. A spy/counter-spy document is, by its nature, somewhat speculative in nature, but it has proven so far to be remarkably on target.

Second, Trump protests and blocks too much to be totally innocent. An innocent person would want the investigation to finish its work so as to clear your name.

Third, from his overt acts, Trump is acting as if he has lots to hide. Does Putin have compromising info on Trump? Trump is acting as if they do. The fact that he screams and yells that it's a "witch hunt" tells us he is hiding a lot and that when it comes out totally, the fact that he will be irremediably compromised is practically a guarantee at this point.

To Be Continued

Part 2 is here.

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