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Keeping Our Bearings

Keeping Our Bearings

By Dennis Loo (6/24/18)

When you are daily deluged by multiple falsehoods emanating from the White House, it is challenging, to say the least, to keep your bearings, in this virtual torrent of lies from the highest offices in the land. And it doesn’t help any when his famous base hews to him, with many of them: come hell or high water.

Let me step back a moment to consider the situation. Yes, lots of firings and resignations have already occurred, with no end for that in sight. Yes, major issues are being neglected, ignored or worsened by him. Yes, he threatens alliances, foreign (especially Russian) penetration through cyberwarfare, he is separating families at the border, and the very rule of law itself. Yes, he is a catastrophe. And it will get worse, even as many of us wonder: how can it get any worse?

That is why when I see people wasting this opportunity, and despite what I just got through saying, and in some ways because of the extremity of what he is doing, it is an opening for people to learn somethings about how this system works. In Charlottesville when he came out and stood for white supremacists, or pardoned that egregious racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he opened some eyes. On every single front he stands for rolling things back to an earlier time, before the women’s rights movement and before the civil rights movement, and before transgender was heard by anyone. He even predates the development of literacy! For he is the culmination of what both major parties have been doing since 1980: separating truth from its empirical foundation and installing what we say as far more important than what we do and what is going on.

Who is the heroic American president as far as Obama is concerned? I will give you a hint… it was not FDR. Do you know who more than anyone Obama looked up to? Why it was none other than Ronald Reagan.

Will literacy suffer, or he? Literacy is one of humanity’s great achievements. Without it, where would we be? Despite our current suffering under Trump, empirical truth will ultimately triumph over spin. For one thing, he is ruinous. Facts win out or else we all go down. What's it going to be?

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