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Remember Who Leads Them

Remember Who Leads Them

By Dennis Loo (10/14/18)

When those who face outnumber you and want your blood, the best advice is for you to take on their leader and beat him, one-on-one. If you prevail, the rest of the crowd with him will shrink away because you’ve defeated their strongest already and thus, you don’t actually end up having to fight them all at once.

Eemember that piece of advice now, when things might look bad temporarily and that the wrong side seems to be winning.

Remember who leads them. Remember how stupid and atypical in a negative way he is. Remember how divisive – he seems insincere when he tries to be a unifying force - because he gains from confusion and fear.

There is the mistaken belief, it is true, that if Hillary Clinton had won, that everything would be all right, and even though she is competent and experienced, whereas he is neither, nonetheless, she would be facing peoples’ wrath and the public would be fed up.

Trump is hardly a “juggernaut;” he is laughable, and the laughter he got from the UN General Assembly is but one example, except for the tragedy of it all. You laugh at it, because otherwise you might cry.

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