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Stupidity As a Defense

Stupidity As a Defense

By Dennis Loo (12/9/18)

As I have said before, and as recent events underscore, stupidity (or the failure to see what is front of you and connect the simplest of dots) is the Trump defense. It was over as soon as we learned of the meeting in NCY’s Trump Tower with the Russian promising dirt on Hillary. But Trump thinks that that was no crime to conspire with an adversary against your domestic opponent. No matter that none other than Donald Sr. concocted several contradictory cover stories! He does not see that it was a crime in the first place, no matter what if anything came out of it.

He and his hardcore supporters like Sean Hannity are pretending that they cannot see. He will have to be coerced out of the White House, because he will not it do it out of feeling any shame.

If you stand for personal material gain, which Trump does, above all else, then why should he go along with comparative phantasms – as Trump sees it – like the rule of law and democratic procedures? He only pretends to care, as it suits him. If he does not care about the truth, then why would he and his ilk acknowledge the truth when it faces him?

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