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The Gary Null Show on Progressive Radio Network 1/25/12
Runs about 15 minutes:

Podcast Interview of Dennis Loo by Linda Rigas on 1/9/12.

This conversation is the first in a series between Loo and Rigas talking about Loo's book. It begins with a short discussion of the book's overall content and goals. It then addresses the momentous shift in the norms of governance known as public order policies that began in the 1970s. Public order policies treat everyone as a suspect and are necessitated by the nature of neoliberal regimes that relentlessly, recklessly, and systematically pull the rug out from under the vast majority of the people. Because this will provoke, and is provoking, the people into resistance against authority, authorities are using coercion and fear to maintain "social order," treating free assembly and free speech as "low-level terrorism" (e.g., pre-emptively arresting people before they have engaged in protest activities and charging them as "terrorists") and monitoring and surveilling the entire population. The NDAA of 2012 that suspends all due process is discussed in relation to this governmental trajectory that began long before 9/11. The conversation then moves onto a discussion of why the "lesser of two evils" logic in elections is a mistake, what the fundamental nature of the state is, bureaucracies' different dimensions, how the "War on Terror" is really a "War on the People" and an outcome of the logic of neoliberal policies, why the WOT has an institutional stake in anti-state terrorist incidents occurring (or the fabrication of said incidents), and ends with a brief discussion of why the very bad political situation now should not be a cause for despair but a call to action. Runs 1:05:54.

Hour long interview on KWMR Post Carbon Radio on 12/12/11:

Loo discusses with the three hosts the nature of neoliberalism, the distinction between neocons and neoliberals, why there are fatal flaws in democratic theory and what it will take to actually progressively approach authentic popular rule, why voting isn't the answer and social/revolutionary movements are, the reasons why capitalism's very nature is tearing the social fabric and driving the society and the biosphere to catastrophe, and other important issues such as the Occupy Movement.

Michael Slate's show on KPFK, 12/7/11:

"What's It Gonna Take to Get the World We Need?"

"Professor Dennis Loo, Cal Poly Pomona, talks about the nature of the State and how it functions in Capitalist Society, arguing that the defining characteristic of the State is the monopolization on the legitimate use of force. Loo then explores the character of the modern imperial State, its embrace of the so-called War on Terror and what it means for those who want to change the world." (20 minutes beginning at the top of the show).

Project Censored Radio with hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips, 9/22/11:

Huff and Phillips discuss Globalization and the Demolition of Society with author Dennis Loo. At the top of the show

The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show 8/17/11:

Rob Kall is the founder and editor of OpEd News.

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